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Harts Fasteners FASTPOINTS Terms and Conditions



1.0 Participation in the Programme

Harts Fasteners selected customers are eligible to participate in the Harts Fasteners Fast Points Programme. Any Customers who belong to a bulk buying group are ineligible for Harts FastenersFast Points.



2.0 Allocation of Points

Fast Points will be allocated each month based on your purchases from Harts Fasteners. Fast Points are allocated in arrears as there is a requirement that the invoice is paid as per clause 2.1 before points are allocated for that transaction. There is a direct relationship between purchase volume and number of points allocated which means the more you purchase the greater the points you can earn. There is no cap on points allocation.

2.1 Fast Points are only allocated once the invoice has been paid. The invoice must be paid by the last working day of the month following date of invoice to be eligible. Payment must be made by direct credit, cash, or cheque. If payment is made by cheque it must be posted to the Accounts Department at head office, 83 D O'Rorke Road, Penrose, Auckland, and timed to arrive on or before the last working day of the month following.

2.2 Account payments and other purchases made by credit card are not eligible for points accrual.

2.3If customers are not paying the account balance in full or are paying part-payments they must contact the Accounts Department before the last working day of the month following to advise which invoices are being paid.

2.4 One Hundred (100) NZ Dollars paid = 1 Fast Point.

2.5 Only whole Fast Points are allocated (no partial points are given) and are not rounded but truncated. A minimum of one Fast Point must be earned before any are allocated.



3.0 Points Expiry

Fast Points earned through the programme expire 24 months from the end of the year of allocation (i.e. points earned in the year ending 31 March 2017 will expire 1 April 2019). Points that are not used before the expiry date will be forfeit.



4.0 Redemption

Fast Points will be redeemed for a voucher from the suppliers listed below. One (1) Fast Point will equal One (1) dollar of the voucher. The minimum redemption value will be 100 Fast Points (for a $100 voucher) and multiples of $50 thereafter.

4.1 Once the voucher has been issued it is subject to the terms and conditions of the issuing company.

4.2 Once issued the voucher cannot be returned or exchanged.

4.3 Suppliers of vouchers at 1 February 2017 are Farmers, Ballingers Hunting & Fishing, and House of Travel High Street Lanes (Christchurch).

4.4 These suppliers may change at any time. Changes will be notified by updating these Terms and Conditions on

4.5 In order to redeem points the Redemption Form must be downloaded from, completed, signed, and returned to or by fax to 03 353 0088.



5.0 Term of the Programme

The Harts Rewards Programme is an ongoing programme with no fixed date of termination. Should Harts Fasteners decide to end the programme, you will be given three months in which to redeem your points.



6.0 General

Points earned in the Harts Fasteners Fast Points Programme have no cash or monetary value and are non-transferable. At its sole discretion Harts Fasteners reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Current Terms and Conditions are available to view at Harts Fasteners also reserves the right to change the voucher suppliers, the transactions that qualify for points allocation and the number of points awarded in respect of such transactions. Harts Fasteners reserve the right to suspend or terminate the programme without prior notice.



6.1 Blacks Fasteners, their agents and sub-contractors are not liable for:

6.1.1 Any loss, theft or damage to any voucher or item purchased with voucher in the course of delivery.

6.1.2 Any failure to notify participants of any changes in these terms and conditions, the voucher suppliers, qualifying transactions and or the number of points awarded for qualifying transactions.

6.1.3 The suspension and/or termination of the Harts FastenersFast Points Programme.

6.1.4 Any tax liability arising from participation in the programme.

6.1.5 Any action, claim, damage or loss whatsoever, direct or indirect suffered by a participant resulting from participation in the Harts Fasteners Fast Points Programme.

6.1.6 Any representation or warranty as to quality, suitability or merchandisability made by any supplier or manufacturer of item purchased by a Fast Points voucher.



7.0 Privacy

Harts Fasteners collects personal information from participants in the Harts Fasteners Fast Points programme in the course of operating the programme, in order to send participants points statements, information regarding operation of the programme, information about special offers, or rewards and to fulfill voucher redemptions. No other party has or will have access to your personal information. From time to time Harts Fasteners may be in contact with participants of the Harts Fasteners Fast Points Programme through email, facsimile, SMS text message or post.

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